Does charcoal toothpaste whiten teeth?

Does charcoal toothpaste whiten teeth? Charcoal toothpaste seems to be one of the trendiest dental products around. Bloggers and influencers on the internet swear by it for teeth whitening. It uses activated charcoal to absorb toxins and harmful agents. But does it actually work? And is it safe to use? What is activated charcoal? Activated Read More

Bookings and Enquiries

New patients are always welcome to our practice Bookings and enquiries Bookings and enquiries To book an appointment or make an enquiry, call us on: 01753 888000 Or if you require further information, why not send us an email: On behalf of the dental team, we would like to extend a very warm welcome Read More

A quick guide to a healthy mouth in children

The information below gives a summary of the simple steps that parents, carers and children can take every day to protect and improve their oral health, for a healthy mouth in children. Click here for a guide for adults. The evidence based advice is from Delivering Better Oral Health. Brushing children’s teeth Start brushing as Read More

Looking after dental implants

The soft tissue (gums) and bone around dental implants are at the same risk of inflammation and gum disease as those around natural teeth. If you have implants you should look after them just like natural teeth. Advice on looking after dental implants: clean between and around implants carefully using cleaning aids and toothbrushes as Read More

Children’s dental health

Two minute timers and disclosing tablets are a great way to make sure children are brushing their teeth as best as possible. A very simple method to maintain childrens dental health! How Do Disclosing Tablets Work? Since you can’t see plaque in the beginning on its own, it can be difficult to know where it’s Read More

How to floss

Brushing alone cannot get to the spaces between your teeth. Therefore interdental cleaning is an essential part of maintaining a healthy mouth. The images below show best how to floss. Another option is to use interdental brushes (such as tepe brushes), which are a great tool to get between teeth. They are simple to use Read More

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Data Protection Code of Practice Our data protection code of practice lays out our procedures that ensure Chalfont St Peter Dental Practice and our employees comply with Data Protection Act 1998 and The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) What personal data do we hold? We need to keep comprehensive and accurate personal Read More