Nightguards and Sportguards


Individuals who suffer from  teeth grinding (bruxism) may find that a nightguard can help them to achieve a better quality of sleep, as well as preventing sore and tense muscles around the jaw from constant biting during the night. A night guard can also protect the teeth from wearing down due to grinding and pressure, which could otherwise cause thinning of the enamel and even make the teeth more prone to decay over time.


Sportguards are often used to protect teeth during high contact sports. They are recommended by schools and sports associations and are worn by professional sports teams.

If you or your child participate in any kind of physical sport there is a risk of trauma to teeth. At Chalfont St Peter Dental Practice we custom-make sportguards to ensure they are an exact fit. An impression of your mouth is taken and a bespoke sportguard is constructed by our laboratory. 

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